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Bronze wise man

bronze wise man statue at charlies antiques in williamsburg va, millstone fountain at charlies antiques in williamsburg va

Bronze wise man and bubbling fountain

 It was a cold and chilly day at the shop today but we had a lot of great customers to help the day along. It is always fun to help a customer find what they are looking for and we had a girl looking for some antique milk bottles and blue mason jars for her wedding reception to display flowers in.  We searched the shop and came up with about 16 of them. She left very happy! And then a great group of enthusiastic garden lovers came in who were recommended by Bill Pinkham to come and see our garden treasures. Bill has the best gardens in Smithfield and has purchased alot of one of a kind pieces from us and generouslly recommends people to come and see our treasures. He also makes great pottery and you can see his website at www.pinkhampottery.com.  This picture is one of the garden projects Charlie did for one of our customers. It contains some of the items we carry that can really make a garden look great.



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  1. Thank you so much Susie for the pics, he is beautiful

  2. okay guys that short trip back to the future/past with doug was fantastic. Your compound is monumental!!!Keep me posted charlie and susie and jasper. Have to return to help youse with the next stage of development.

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